What Is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Eye physicians check your eyes using several tests and treatments. Simple examinations–such as making you identify characters on an eye chart–to advanced examinations–like using computerized imaging technologies to detect and analyze microscopic capillaries and other features inside your eyes–are all available.

Based on the physician and the quantity and intricacy of procedures required to completely assess your sight and eye health, a complete eye exam can take about an hour or more. During a thorough eye exam at an optometrist in Coral Gables, you may be subjected to the following eye and vision tests:

Tests of visual acuity

Visual clarity tests, which evaluate the clarity of your eyesight, are one of the initial tests performed during a full eye checkup. A projecting eye chart is used to determine your range of visual acuity, and a compact, hand-held acuity chart is used to determine your eyesight at a normal viewing range.

Test for color blindness

A color vision screening test is frequently conducted early in a thorough eye exam to exclude possible color blindness. Color blind exams can notify your eye doctor of any eye health concerns that may influence your color vision in contrast to diagnosing hereditary color vision deficits.

Cover examination

The cover exam is the easiest and most common approach for your eye doctor to examine how well your eyes operate together. Your eye physician will ask you to fixate on a small item from across the room and then cover each of your eyes alternatively while you stare at the object throughout a cover test. After then, the test is performed with you gazing at a close item. Your eye doctor will determine if the exposed eye requires a shift to pick up the fixation target, which could suggest strabismus or a more modest binocular vision impairment that could cause eye strain or amblyopia.

Testing for ocular motility

Ocular motility examination is used to see how effectively your eyes can track a mobile object and/or navigate between and focus on two different targets rapidly and correctly. To test calm eye motions your eye doctor will ask you to hold your head still and track the slow motion of a hand-held light or another object only with your eyes. Your doctor may also ask you to shift your eyes back and forth between two targets that are some distance apart to assess fast eye motions. Eye movement issues can result in eye strain, headaches, fuzzy vision, and other health issues.

Test for stereopsis

Stereopsis is the name for eye teaming that allows for proper depth awareness and enjoyment of objects’ three-dimensional character. Wearing a set of “3D” glasses and looking at a booklet of test layouts is one frequent stereopsis examination. Each pattern contains four little rounds, and your objective is to identify which of the four circles appears to be nearer to you than that of the other three. If you can properly recognize the “closer” circle in each pattern, you have strong eye teaming skills and should be able to perceive depth normally. Your optometrist in Coral Gables, FL will check all of these.

Apart from the mentioned tests, there are several others that may be performed by your optometrist. Make sure you follow their instructions completely for optimal results.