Sport and Concussion

Sports Vision’s role in concussion management is two-fold. Research has shown that vision training can decrease the number of concussions suffered during sports play. Research has also shown that vision training can treat post-concussion syndrome and get players back in the game faster. Scroll down to see how our Sports Vision doctors can help before, during, and after an unfortunate brain injury.

Cutting-edge Prevention

Current research points to a decreased number of concussions among football players during the seasons where vision training was performed as part of a preseason training program. The thought is that better field awareness is gained through vision training and helps a player’s awareness and their ability to prepare to avoid concussion causing injuries. Larger clinical trials are taking place from the professionals to collegiate players to confirm that association.

Cutting-edge Treatment

Post Concussive Syndrome can affect 10-20% of all concussion patients, meaning their symptoms remain for weeks, months, or years after the initial injury. Since the eyes are part of the brain, most of the lingering symptoms affect vision. Studies have shown that optometric vision rehab can improve post concussion symptoms, and speed up the return of an athlete back to school or back to competition. If you think you’re experiencing any post concussive symptoms, we’re here to help.

Ground-breaking Technology For Baseline Testing, Diagnosis, And Treatment Monitoring

It starts with RightEye’s patented eye-tracking technology!

Unmatched technology in concussions

  • Simple objective measurements
  • Accurate & repeatable tests
  • Normative database for comparison
  • Diagnosis and management options

The RightEye tool is useful for athletes, non-athletes, and any other individual with a concussion. Benefits include:

  • Fast and objective eye-tracking screening
  • Diagnostic marker of traumatic brain injury
  • Simple, quick, and accurate way of determining levels of severity of TBI
  • Non-invasive screening
  • Clear picture of tracking following concussion or TBI
  • Can help strengthen sports performance by analyzing eye movement, brain processing, and reaction time
  • For athletes, non-athletes, and other individuals with concussion or TBI

This innovative tracking system essentially replicates a manual ocular motility “follow my finger” test, but is precise and objective. This concussion testing tool provides quantitative, measurable information that can help us address patient symptoms, track recovery, identify improvements, and aid in recovery after traumatic brain injury or concussion.