Have you ever forgotten your reading glasses when trying to read a menu? You’re most likely to forget your glasses… but never your iPhone.

Welcome to the world of iCanSee.

iCanSee, the first iPhone application in the iTunes App Store that brings a much-needed tool to the device, the magnifying glass. By magnifying the images around you, iCanSee helps improve your ability to see in difficult situations, including low light. The application is a snap to use. Simply launch the iCanSee application and hold your iPhone towards the image you want to magnify, select your magnifying range and Voilà. The on-screen magnification controls enable you easily adjust the size of the image being viewed, you even have the option of full screen mode or standard glass mode. New options including glass styles, colors and stands … Coming soon!

Espada Entertainment, has turned the iPhone into a high-tech magnifying device capable of getting you out of embarrassing situations.

iCanSee…it simply lets you see.

Some of the features include:
⚲Transforms your iPhone into a magnifying glass capable of up to 4x magnification
⚲Less expensive, less bulky than a real magnifying glass
⚲Use discreetly at restaurants to view menus even in low light situations
⚲Reading small text in books and contracts
⚲Forensics and science
⚲Even viewing insects…

This is a nice tool but don’t use it to delay a proper eye exam!

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