Our office has always believed in the “gold standard” method to measure our patient’s eye pressure.  Now a study has come out proving we’ve been doing it right from the beginning.

Inside of your eye, you’re constantly producing fluid to nourish the internal structures and, at the same time, your eye is draining this fluid.  This production and removal of fluid causes your eye to have its own intraocular pressure, which is unrelated to your blood pressure but can have serious effects on your health.

When the pressure is too high, it causes damage to the optic nerve in the back of your eye, which can lead to loss of vision.  That is called glaucoma – a common and very serious eye disease.

Glaucoma is a multifactorial disease that involves much more than just your eye pressure.  Your family history, age, corneal thickness and many other factors also play an important part.  Historically, the eye pressure alone has been used to screen for glaucoma.  This is the only factor we can manipulate, which we do through eye drops that lower eye pressure.

There are many ways to measure the pressure in your eyes, with the most common being that puff of air everyone seems to dislike.  The other is by using a yellow drop and bringing a blue light close to your eye.  It has always been known that the ‘blue light’ test, called Goldman Applaonation Tonometry (GAT), is the “gold standard” in measuring eye pressure.  The air-puff has not been shown to be reliable or repeatable.

A new study showed that using the air-puff alone led to 66% of over referrals, meaning many more people were falsely told they were at an increased risk of glaucoma. This costs the patient extra time and money only to find out everything is healthy and normal, which would have been known ealier by using the more effective way to measure eye pressure.

Our office has always believed in the most effective way of measuring eye pressure, even if it isn’t the fastest. We wouldn’t want to perform any test that isn’t reliable or accurate.  At Clarin Eye Care we take your eye health seriously. We want to be your eye doctors for a long time and care for your eyes the best, and only way, we know how.

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