In a recent issue of the journal Optometry, researchers found that game-worn football faceshields are more susceptible to breaking when subjected to high-velocity impact than are new faceshields. For the test, high-velocity objects meant to simulate the force from a kick to the face were hurled at new and used polycarbonate faceshields. None of the new shields broke, but more than one out of three used shields shattered.

Currently 18% of football players wear a faceshield and only 21% require the use of a faceshield in players with poor vision in one eye.

These new findings led the research team to recommend that intercollegiate football programs develop a policy for routine inspection and replacement of used faceshields. The researchers also said that coaches or trainers should strongly encourage football players with poor vision in one eye to wear a faceshield during all practices and games.

Aaron Zimmerman, assistant professor of optometry at Ohio State and lead author of the study went on to say:

Any football player who has a vision problem should consider wearing a faceshield. Something could happen to their good eye. Why take a chance, especially if there’s a way to prevent that?

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