One of the best parts of being an Optometrist is that humor is always infused into my day. Sometimes it’s just what I need to break up my usual routine.

Before I put eyedrops in a patient’s eyes, I give them a tissue to wipe away any excess liquid that may drip out of their eyes. Here are two funny stories related to eyedrops from the past few weeks.

I was examining a lady in her mid 40’s and after I handed her a tissue, she proceeded to fold it up and place it in her pocket. I then carefully put the drops in her eyes only to have her wipe her face with her shirt sleeve.

I guess she figured she’d need that tissue later.

And just the other day, a 14 year old boy with some sniffles was in for an eye exam. He told me he just had some allergies but about two seconds later admitted that was his canned answer for his constantly runny nose and he was actually ill.

I put the drops in his eyes before giving him a tissue, but once I saw the liquid running down his cheeks, I handed him a Kleenex. He then began to blow his nose harder than I have ever seen, making a sound like an airplane taking off from the exam room. I looked over at his mom and she was mortified, all while the drops were running down his face.

This goes to show that I never know what someone is going to do in the exam room. Something as simple as a tissue to wipe your eyes after eyedrops can lead to so many diffent behaviors.

I just look at all this as why my job is interesting – because of all the ‘interesting’ people I meet each day.