At Clarin Eye Care Center, we often recommend multipurpose contact lens solutions such as Alcon’s OPTI-FREE RepleniSH, AMO Complete or the new BioTrue from Bausch + Lomb.  However, according to a study in the Archives of Ophthalmology, the incidence of complications from wearing contact lenses was lowest with a hydrogen peroxide based solution, such as Clear Care.

Clear Care  is our go-to solution for contact lens troubleshooting. The hydrogen peroxide liquid completely cleans your lens and is the only true no-rub/no-rinse solution on the market.  When you take your lenses out of the solution, they are as close to a fresh lens as you can get, allowing you to wear them more comfortably for more hours in the day.

There is, however, a reason hydrogen peroxide solutions haven’t become commonplace in the market.  The actual hydrogen peroxide will burn if you get it in your eyes.  Therefore a bit more care has to be taken when taking out and putting in your lenses.  The solution needs to sit in the lens holder to create a chemical reaction and turn the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.  This process take six hours (overnight), and afterwards the lenses and remaining solution can go directly into your eyes.  This is different from the multipurpose solutions most people are used to.  You cannot store your lenses in a standard lens case with the hydrogen peroxide, it must go in the vile that comes with the solution.  But again, it’s worth it.  Your lenses will be cleaner and more comfortable afterwards.

If you wish your lenses were more comfortable, if you can’t wear lenses all day or if you have repeated complications with contact lens wear, talk to your doctor about switching your solution to find the solution.

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