prosthetic eyeIn 2005, Tanya Vlach tragically lost one of her eyes in a car accident, now she wants to replace her prosthetic eye with a digital video camera.  And if Tanya achieves her ‘vision,’ her new eye will be full of awesome little gizmos and gadgets.

Vlach turned to Kickstarter for funding to install a unique, waterproof in-eye camera -ideally capable of transmitting 720p HD video wirelessly to a mobile phone, zooming and even snapping still shots using a blink-activated sensor. Some other features she’s dreaming of include facial recognition, a dilating pupil that changes based on light, infrared and geotagging, just to name a few.

After Vlach lost her left eye, she has been blogging about her experiences and following all the technology that has developed to possibly regain vision.  After reading her posts and letter to Kickstarter asking for donations, it’s obvious that Tanya has done a lot of research over the past six years.  To ‘see’ someone that has lost half of their vision not give up and instead figure out a completely different solution is quite impressive.

She needs $15,000 by August 3rd to reach her funding goal and obtain an engineer to begin development.  Donations of less than $5,000 will be rewarded with a variety of small-ticket items, while a pledge greater than that amount will net the donor their very own “souvenir eye camera.”

This is a great example of someone who understands the value of sight- a sense that we can too easily take for granted. But once taken away, people go to extraordinary lengths to regain their vision.