A Hilarious Comedy Routine About The Eye Doctor

Brian Regan is a great standup comedian.  Here is a bit about his trip to the Optometrist... Enjoy from Clarin Eye Care

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Do 3-D Movies Cause Motion Sickness?

VSP has partnered with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Roger Phelps for a series of webisodes debunking popular eye health myths. In this episode, Bill and Dr. Phelps discuss the truth behind the symptoms of motion sickness some experience while watching 3-D and how to "get your eyes right" to enjoy 3-D movies. [...]

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Contact Lens Trends & Tips From the AOA

A short video on contact lens trends and tips: Always be smart with your eyecare and contact lens care. You only get one set of eyes! This information is brought to you by Clarin Eye Care Center. Please call or contact our office for more information.

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