Eye Care Is More Than Just Blurry Vision

The fear of going blind is a scary thought in most people's minds.  However, Lighthouse International conducted a new survey showing six out of seven people that are at risk for, or who currently have, eye disease do not get annual eye exams. Some of the reasons people may forgo eye care is the cost, [...]

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Contact Lenses Can Be A Safe Option When Used Properly

In the United States, 40 million people use contact lenses to improve their vision. While most of these contact lens wearers adhere to the guidelines set out by their doctors,  many do not. According to the American Optometric Association's annual American Eye-Q® survey, many people are putting their health and vision at risk by not following [...]

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Macular Degeneration Is Actually Decreasing Despite An Aging Population

The number of Americans with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) has been decreasing lately, despite what experts have warned for years

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Transition Lenses Change From Clear to Dark for Ultimate Visual Comfort

Transition lenses are clear doors and dark outside for clarity and comfort.

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A New Pathway For Glaucoma Has Been Discovered

In a new study, researchers identified an unexpected biological pathway that appears to contribute to the development of glaucoma and its resulting vision loss. Prior research has suggested that the optic nerve head, the point where the cables that carry information from the eye to the brain first exit the eye, plays a role in [...]

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Misinformation About Cataracts May Delay Treatment

HealthDay (12/27, Thompson) reported, "Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness among seniors in the United States, with more than half of all US residents developing the cloudy vision of cataracts by the time they reach 80 years old, according to Prevent Blindness America, a nonprofit group that focuses on eye health." According to eye [...]

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Using Heat to Cool Down Your Burning Eyes ?!?

Dry and burning eyes, especially as the day goes on, is one of the toughest eye conditions to manage.  Often patients have a problem with their meibomian glands - special glands along your lid margins that produce a lubricating oil which helps prevent evaporation of tears right off of your cornea. The oils in the [...]

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Healthy Habits Can Cut Your Risk of Eye Disease

A new study has suggested that women who exercise, eat right, and don't smoke can possibly cut their risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by more than two-thirds. The authors wrote: Adopting these healthy habits may markedly lower the prevalence of early AMD, the number of people who develop advanced AMD in their lifetime, [...]

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Emma Thompson’s Mother Fears the Oscar Winner May Go Blind

Image via Wikipedia From the Herald Scotland: Phyllida Law, the actress, has spoken about her fear that the blindness that struck her mother in later life will affect her daughters, Oscar-winner Emma Thompson and actress Sophie Thompson. Glasgow-born Law, who has appeared in many of Emma’s films, including Nanny McPhee and Peter’s Friends, will appear [...]

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Can Video Games Actually Improve Your Eyes?

To the dismay to parents everywhere, recent studies have come out showing that video games can actually improve some aspects of vision. For one, playing fast-moving action games is shown to increase hand-eye coordination. Kids learn to respond quickly to a visual stimulus, thus speeding up their  response time. Another use for video games is [...]

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