The Jittery Eye – Does Caffeine Increase Eye Pressure?

Caffeine has long been a staple of the American diet  - from the first cup of joe in the morning to the midday pick-me-up. In fact, coffee is the number one source of antioxidants for Americans.  But caffeine itself has been associated with negative health benefits including increasing pressure in the eyes, and therefore possibly [...]

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Oh No, I Have "The Pink Eye"

Viral conjunctivitis usually presents as a red, watery eye with a feeling like something is inside your eye. Often there is itching as well. Most patients seem to wait a full day before coming in hoping that whatever is happening to their eye will just go away. Many times this starts in one eye and then jumps to the other a few days later.

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Why Our Office Won't Puff Air in Your Eyes

Our office has always believed in the "gold standard" method to measure our patient's eye pressure.  Now a study has come out proving we've been doing it right from the beginning. Inside of your eye, you're constantly producing fluid to nourish the internal structures and, at the same time, your eye is draining this fluid. [...]

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