Eye Care Is More Than Just Blurry Vision

The fear of going blind is a scary thought in most people's minds.  However, Lighthouse International conducted a new survey showing six out of seven people that are at risk for, or who currently have, eye disease do not get annual eye exams. Some of the reasons people may forgo eye care is the cost, [...]

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Contact Lenses Can Be A Safe Option When Used Properly

In the United States, 40 million people use contact lenses to improve their vision. While most of these contact lens wearers adhere to the guidelines set out by their doctors,  many do not. According to the American Optometric Association's annual American Eye-Q® survey, many people are putting their health and vision at risk by not following [...]

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Mind Your P's and Q's – A Look At The Eye Chart

A brief history of the eye chart: the typical "Snellen Chart" is named after a Dutch Ophthalmologist who designed the chart in 1862 and is comprised of block letters. These letters have a standard and specific geometry, with each black line being the same thickness as each space within the letter, and the height being five times the size of each block. Originally, only the letters C, D, E, F, L, N, O, P, T, Z were used. These are the wall mounted charts that we see in all doctors offices, school nurse stations and and health clinics across America.

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Just In Time For the Holidays!

On this day in December, it's apropro that a patient presented with what can only be called a grinch - stealing vision from patients both good and bad. I'm referring to a "christmas tree cataract." A christmas tree cataract gets its name from the red and green irridescent refractile crystals that form inside of the [...]

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McDonalds Worker Serves As a Warning to Us All

Fast food giant McDonalds recently had to pay a former employee who became partially blind while working at one of their restaurants. The employee attempted to unclog a drain in the restaurant, but when the first attempt at using a sulfuric acid-based cleaner did not work, he poured a second bottle into the pipe. The [...]

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How I Use Intuition to Prescribe Eye Glasses

Image via Wikipedia When you think about an Optometrist, it conjures up images of someone standing next to you flipping lenses in those 'big glasses' to find your prescription.  And that certainly sums up a lot of my day, but there is much more than meets the proverbial eye. It's my belief that intuition as [...]

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When Should Your Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

When I ask most parents about their children's eyes, almost all of them tell me they had an eye exam at their pediatrician's office.  I'm here to tell you that that is far from a comprehensive eye exam. Pediatrician's offices are good at screening for large distance vision problems, but there is more to vision [...]

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The Solution to Contact Lens Trouble

At Clarin Eye Care Center, we often recommend multipurpose contact lens solutions such as Alcon's OPTI-FREE RepleniSH, AMO Complete or the new BioTrue from Bausch + Lomb.  However, according to a study in the Archives of Ophthalmology, the incidence of complications from wearing contact lenses was lowest with a hydrogen peroxide based solution, such as Clear Care. [...]

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Parents: Top Tips For Infant Eye Health

You can never take for granted the health of an infant. It's imperative for parents to understand some preventive measures that can be taken to keep their babies healthy. In some cases failure to identify early eye symptoms can result in vision loss and even blindness.  That's why a new Pediatric Cataract Initiative has been formed to [...]

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Lower Your Risks

Did you know that sleeping in your contact lenses is the single biggest risk factor for contact lens-related complications?  Everyday I see patients with red, painful eyes due to over wearing their contact lenses.  Some mistakenly think they just need a fresh lens, but what is going on is potentially blinding. Your eyes only receive [...]

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