A Hilarious Comedy Routine About The Eye Doctor

Brian Regan is a great standup comedian.  Here is a bit about his trip to the Optometrist... Enjoy from Clarin Eye Care

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For New Years, A Toast to Eye Safety

New Years Eve is the perfect time to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.  Just be smart so you don't have to spend the first day of 2013 in my office with an eye injury. A champagne cork can easily become a "high velocity missile" shooting at speeds of up to [...]

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Tips For Halloween Eye Safety

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and things that go bump in the night.  And while it’s fun for kids to put on scary costumes for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties,  you should be careful to avoid something truly frightening – permanent damage to their eyesight. Unfortunately, Halloween is a time for many eye-related hazards, [...]

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Eye Doctors Surveyed On The Ability Of Older Drivers

Drivers over age 65 are the fastest-growing segment of the driving population, and their eye-care providers are playing an increasingly important role in assessing their ability to drive safely. Kellogg Eye Center researcher David C. Musch, PhD, MPH, recently led a multidisciplinary University of Michigan study team who surveyed how 500 vision-care providers in Michigan [...]

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Used Sporting Equipment May Put Some Eyes At Risk

In a recent issue of the journal Optometry, researchers found that game-worn football faceshields are more susceptible to breaking when subjected to high-velocity impact than are new faceshields. For the test, high-velocity objects meant to simulate the force from a kick to the face were hurled at new and used polycarbonate faceshields. None of the [...]

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Minor League Baseball Player 'Sees' Contact Lenses Helping Him To The Majors

Bryce Harper was picked first overall by the Washington Nationals in last year's Major League Baseball draft.  And for the first half of his first season, he was a pretty mediocre ball player. But that changed last month when Harper was fitted with contact lenses by the team's optometrist.  All of the sudden, Bryce Harper's [...]

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Fewer Patients are Knowledgeable of their Vision Plan Compared to their Medical Plan

From Review of Optometric Business: Some 65 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves "highly and somewhat knowledgeable" about their vision plan, according to Jobson Optical Research's 2010 Consumer Perceptions of Managed Vision Care, which included 5,152 respondents. By contrast, 81 percent say they are highly and somewhat knowledgeable about their medical plan. I've already blogged [...]

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The Vision 'Insurance' Game

Vision insurance is a precarious entity.  On one hand, I see how a family can save money on the eye care they need, but too often lately I'm watching people overpay for basic vision plans. I can make a blanket generalization: if you purchase new glasses every year or if you wear contact lenses, vision [...]

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Behind Blue Eyes – The Truth About Color Contact Lenses

Did you know that most cosmetic color contact lenses are dispensed without a prescription? Would it also surprise you to learn that wearing cosmetic lenses increases your chances for sight-threatening infections and complications? Anytime someone wears contacts there is a risk for complications.  But as eye doctors, we know how to properly prescribe and monitor [...]

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Patients Say The Funniest Things

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg-- you wouldn't believe the things that come out of my patients' mouths during an exam. Most of my patients are perfectly happy and normal, but every now and then my day gets a little interesting with the infusion of one of these stories. Never a dull moment!

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