Ease Eye Strain in Today’s Digital World

According to recent survey, four out of five Americans spend significant amount of time in front of their computer or on a handheld device. Between work and home many people spend more than 10 hours everyday on a computer!  Newer devices are getting even smaller and more portable, which makes them easier to carry but [...]

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Prevent Blindness America Boosts Eye Health Via Workplace

Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has designated March as Workplace Vision Month by in an effort to educate corporations and their employees on the importance of vision health. Tell employers in your community that they can participate in the non-profit organization’s Healthy Eyes Vision Wellness Program at no charge. The program includes printed posters to hang [...]

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Sometimes The Answers Are Simple

As an Optometrist, it is gratifying to be able to solve my patients eye concerns. Two recent experiences reinforced just how easy it can be to change the way someone views the world, and how rewarding it is to help my patients, day in and day out.

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Don't Take Your Sight For Granted

By Nikki Temkin How much time do you spend staring at the computer screen? Do you wear sunglasses outside? When was the last time you had your eyes checked? The answers to these questions may say a lot about the state of your eyes. Many of us take our sight for granted yet, when asked, [...]

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