Sometimes The Answers Are Simple

As an Optometrist, it is gratifying to be able to solve my patients eye concerns. Two recent experiences reinforced just how easy it can be to change the way someone views the world, and how rewarding it is to help my patients, day in and day out.

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News Flash! – Patients Want Better Vision When Buying Eye Care Products

I always believe in letting each patient try as many contact lenses as they need until we find the right fit for health, comfort and optimal vision. If you would like to try the latest in contacts, from the newest monthly disposables to the most advanced one-day lenses, please contact our office.

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Five Keys To A Trouble-Free Eye Exam

If after the exam something with your eyes or vision isn't working, please let us know. We're here for you - to make sure you can see as clearly and comfortablly as possible. We look forward to your feedback about your experience in our office as well, we're always looking to improve.

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New Vision Correction Options for Baby Boomers on the Horizon

Presbyopia - the unavoidable age related condition that affects everyones near vision at some point in their lives.  Usually after your 40th birthday, it becomes increasingly difficult to see up-close objects and text, with more than 60 million people in the United States facing this condition.  As of now, your vision correction options are limited [...]

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