As an Optometrist, it is gratifying to be able to solve my patients eye concerns. Two recent experiences reinforced just how easy it can be to change the way someone views the world, and how rewarding it is to help my patients, day in and day out.

Two days ago, a returning patient came back for a routine eye exam.  As he sat down in the exam chair, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “those computer glasses you made me last year are awesome. I wish I knew about them earlier.”

Inside I was smiling, because it’s such an easy answer.  If you spend hours upon hours in front of a computer, it makes sense to have a large clear area to see the  screen, without tilting your head or straining your eyes.  As the ‘eye care expert’ that’s a simple solution to a simple problem.  But to the patient, these computer glasses were a new, life changing idea.

The second experience was similarly gratifying.  A 48 year-old woman was wearing contact lenses for distance and she was complaining about relying on reading glasses to do everything. “I can’t even see the food on my plate,” she said.  I always respond to that by letting the patient know a good rule-of-thumb is to eat the green blurry stuff first, it’s probably healthy.

Again, though, the answer was simple– monovision contacts, where one eye sees far and the other sees close.  I put in her new lenses, and I don’t think she stopped smiling for the next 15 minutes.  She pulled out her cellphone, a book from her purse and she was truly amazed to see up close without glasses.

Monovision has been around since the beginning of time, long before I became an Optometrist.  I have no idea how she made it so long without trying this simple solution.

I don’t think either of these cases show me as a ‘superior’ eye doctor, they’re just examples of times that I get to change people’s lives through eye care.  And examples of why I love my job so much.