At Clarin Eye Care, we take pediatric eye care seriously. We aim to make sure vision is optimal and there are no eye health concerns; however, there are some differences that require proper understanding and care. For one, kids rarely complain about eye problems because they just don’t know any better. If their vision is blurry from birth, they may not have an expectation that it can get any clearer.

Children may also be hesitant and shy. They need to feel comfortable in a doctor’s office to elicit truthful responses. We are trained to asses vision and eye health for all age groups and grade levels, and work hard to ensure children leave their exam happy and with the right prescription.

The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams for children between six-months and one-year, at age three and age five. I always recommend a comprehensive eye exam before a child starts kindergarten to screen for any eye or vision issues as they enter their school years.

Kid eye examRemember, many problems that affect learning can be visual and are often missed by parents and pediatricians. In fact, studies now show that distance vision chart screens like those in pediatrician’s offices and school miss up to 50 percent of vision problems.

Tests used during pediatric exams vary depending on the age and maturity level of the child. Many children five years and older can have the exact same exam as their adult parents, with a few extra school-related tests. Our philosophy is to perform as comprehensive an exam as possible while making the experience fun and interactive for the child.