contact lens examContact lenses can provide a more convenient and satisfying option for eyeglasses wearers. Here is what you can expect during a typical contact lens exam:

A Comprehensive Eye Exam
The first step to a contact lens fitting is a comprehensive eye exam. This is our regular exam that determines overall eye health and an eyeglass prescription – and this is required for every contact lens wearer

Contact Lens Measurements
Because not all contact lenses are designed the same, additional measurements and assessments are needed to ensure a proper contact lens fit. Some additional measurements include:
Cornea: The cornea is the clear front part of the eye. It’s vital before wearing contacts to ensure the cornea is healthy and intact, with no underlying complications. We measure the curvature of the cornea to correctly fit a contact lens with proper lens movement and comfort.
Tear Layer: Tears are also important for healthy and comfortable contact lens wear. Our tears bring nutrients to the front surface of the eye, so it’s important that tears can get under the contact lens and back out again. Tears also moisten the eye making lens wear comfortable. We measure your tears to make sure contact lens wear will be clear and comfortable.

Contact Lens Fitting
The first step to wearing contact lenses is to properly discuss the risks and benefits, as well as any lifestyle concerns. There are many different factors that determine the best contact lens, including how often you throw them out, or any astigmatism and multifocal concerns.

Diagnostic trial lenses are then put on your eye to assess the fit of the lens as well as your vision. These lenses are usually in your correct prescription and allow us to do tests with them on in order to fine tune the lens fit. Assuming there is a healthy fit with adequate movement and centration, you will go home wearing your new diagnostic lens.

Our trained staff takes the time to teach you how to insert and remove your contacts in a safe and effective way. You won’t leave our office without knowing how to put the lenses on and take them off.

Follow Up Visits
Before we finalize a contact lens prescription, we need to make sure the lens fits properly and that your vision is adequate. In most cases, a one-to-two week follow up visit is needed to ensure safe and healthy lens wear. It takes about five days for your eye to adjust to a new contact lens, a time frame which could see a lens fit tighten and not allow proper tear exchange. We also need to assess vision and comfort before you spend your money on a contact lens supply.

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