Eye ExaminationAt Clarin Eye Care Center we know how important your vision is to you- and it is even more important to us.

We provide comprehensive eye care for adults and children, and our expert doctors will examine your eyes thoroughly, inside and out, for any potential eye disorders or diseases. We will carefully evaluate your visual skills using our state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and prescribe an appropriate treatment to meet your personalized eye care needs.

Clarin Eye Care Center provides optometric services which include:

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our philosophy is that your glasses or contact lens prescription is just one step on the ladder to proper eye care. A thorough eye exam is necessary to assess and preserve your overall eye health.

Prescription Eye Glasses

From functional to fashionable, eyeglasses are the engine that allows your world to be in focus. Our office has adopted a high standard in quality for your glasses, and we use superior frames and lenses – all backed with a minimum one-year warranty.

– Contact Lenses

The ability to wear contact lenses can give you freedom from glasses. We are trained to fit conventional lenses, as well as astigmatic, multifocal and other specialty contact lenses.

– LASIK Consultations

We provide pre-operative and post-operative care for our patients. Our expert doctors will walk you through the LASIK process, starting with your initial questions and ending up with you being free from glasses or contacts.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

Optometrists are qualified and trained to treat and manage most medical eye conditions. Some common eye conditions are pink eye, eye allergies and eye floaters – we want to be your first phone call for any eye ailments or questions.

– Optomap digital retinal photography

Advanced technology allows us to photograph your retina, obtaining a view similar to dilating your eyes without the waiting time and without the drops. These photographs are great for following most healthy eyes and many retinal conditions, but we still dilate all of our first time patients and then as necessary.