I just read a new study which shows that consumers rank vision improvement as the number one consideration when purchasing eye care products.

So when buying an eye care product, people want that product to improve their vision.

Is that news?

The study was actually commissioned by Bausch + Lomb (B+L), and I think I know why. B+L has recently released a new contact lens, and claims that this lens will provide sharper vision than current lenses on the market.  As my B+L rep was repeating this over and over, I just kept thinking that rarely does anyone drop out of a single vision contact lens because their vision was inadequate.

The reason people stop wearing contact lenses is because of discomfort, and if the lens is comfortable, usually the vision is good enough.  After all, these people are motivated to get out of glasses, and they understand contacts almost never give as sharp vision as glasses-they just want the lenses to feel good in their eyes.

That having been said, I have gotten many good reviews of the new PureVison 2 HD contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb.  My patients have told me it’s comfortable and their vision might actually be better than their previous lenses.

In the spirit of continuing to restate the obvious, Carla Mack, director of global medical affairs for Bausch + Lomb, said: “[The Study] validated that clear, crisp vision is a top priority for our patients.”

I always believe in letting each patient try as many contact lenses as they need until we find the right fit for health, comfort and optimal vision.  If you would like to try the latest in contacts, from the newest monthly disposables to the most advanced one-day lenses, please contact our office.

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