A new survey of adults in the United States reveals that more than one out of four parents falsely believe that 3D content will hurt their child’s general health or vision. These adults also reported higher levels of discomfort than they think their children do when watching 3D media.

3D moviesAccording to the survey, 70% of parents wrongly believed 3D content would negatively impact their child’s short-term or long-term vision. Luckily only 6.5% of the surveyed parents said their children had actually experienced discomfort while watching 3D content.

At the same time, almost one-third of adults said they experienced discomfort while watching 3D media, with symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea and blurry vision as the main causes  for their discomfort.

The 3D craze that has swept Hollywood may actually be beneficial to help detect underlying vision problems, which may be the cause of the reported discomfort.

In order to see 3D, you need two optimally working eyes.  So if one or both eyes isn’t working properly, you either won’t experience the effects of 3D or it will be uncomfortable.  Anytime you or your child has discomfort after watching a 3D movie it’s an indication that a comprehensive eye exam is in order.