Bryce Harper was picked first overall by the Washington Nationals in last year’s Major League Baseball draft.  And for the first half of his first season, he was a pretty mediocre ball player.

But that changed last month when Harper was fitted with contact lenses by the team’s optometrist.  All of the sudden, Bryce Harper’s stats have been off the charts – and he even hit his first grand slam.

As of this post, Harper has hit safely in 16 straight games and his batting average during this hit streak is a staggering .492.

Keith Smithson, the Washington Nationals’ team optometrist was quoted telling Harper, “I don’t know how you ever hit before. You have some of the worst eyes I’ve ever seen.”

So how did Harper get this far with such poor vision?

“I needed [the contacts] in college,” he said. “But I tried them for a while in high school, and they gave me headaches really bad. So I just got by without them. But these are a new kind [of lenses], and they really help. The difference [in vision] is huge.”

Once he began wearing the contacts Harper was a believer, saying “It was like I was seeing in HD.”

Athletes require precise vision, and even small refractive errors can have detrimental effects on their game.  If you’re an athlete, perhaps checking your vision every six months can ensure you stay at the top of your game.