Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Are you nearsighted? Do you have astigmatism? If so, LASIK may be for you! LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a painless vision correction procedure aimed to free you from needing glasses or contact lenses. And today, this procedure is available to more people than ever before. The actual procedure only last seconds and is over in the blink of an eye. When you sit up from the operating table, you will be able to see the clock on the other side of the room. The next morning your vision will be 20/20 and you can even go back to work.

The LASIK surgeon you choose should be based on the recommendation of your trusted Optometrist, not on the lowest price available or internet coupon specials. We’re talking about your eyes for the rest of your life, so this isn’t a time to choose an inferior product to save a buck. At our office, we recommend and co-manage with Dr. Cory Lessner from Millennium Laser Eye Center. Dr. Lessner has dedicated his career to LASIK and refractive procedures. He doesn’t dabble in other surgeries for other parts of your eye, he simply specializes in LASIK. This allows Millennium Eye Center to reinvest all of their money and time to be at the forefront of refractive care with the latest and greatest equipment available, ensuring better outcomes for their, and our, patients.

Our role in your care is also very important. LASIK starts with a thorough eye exam to make sure you are a proper candidate and that your eye is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. We then manage your post-op care, including your first appointment the very next day. You will visit our office one week and one month later to ensure you are healing properly. After that we will see you at the three month mark and then for your one year anniversary.  At each exam we answer your questions, listen to your concerns and examine your eyes to make sure all is going according to plan.

LASIK has become a common option for vision correction today.  It is a safe and effective answer to your visual needs.  Call our office to schedule a LASIK consultation, your eyes will thank you!

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