After reviewing the recently released data on contact lens use, it’s no surprise that the use of daily disposable contact lenses is increasing.

Daily lenses are the safest, healthiest and most comfortable way to wear lenses.

So why isn’t everyone wearing dailies?  In the past, the price difference has been a tough pill to swallow, especially with symptom-free wear with conventional lenses.  Why pay $200-$400 more when you’re not having a problem?

And it’s true that price is still a factor, but with rebates from manufacturers and the money you save on not having to buy contact lens solution, the dollar gap is closer than patients realize.  And in today’s economy I think most patients look not just at price but at value.

But daily disposables are so comfortable and easy to wear that they can let almost anyone wear lenses, even if it’s only once or twice per week.

In fact, I recommend dailies for all part-time wearers for comfort, convenience and compliance.

It’s for these three reasons, comfort, convenience and compliance, why I have begun to recommend daily lenses so frequently.  If I have the ability to put a patient in a healthier and safer contact lens option, why wouldn’t I?

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