As an Optometrist, there are many standard answers I give patients to questions they ask. However, there are certain things that, although eye doctors won’t say it outright, hold true across the board. Here are five things that your eye doctor will never tell you, with good reason:

1. You can usually get your contacts cheaper online.  This might be true, but unfortunately not at the most popular websites – and you may pay a premium for the lower price.  Your eye doctor gets trial lenses based on the number of boxes they sell, so if you buy your lenses online, your doctor may not be able to provide you with replacements for ripped, torn or lost lenses.

2. You can probably find cheaper eyeglasses than what your eye doctor carries. Lenses have to be cut precisely, with specific curves and measurements – “close enough” just isn’t good enough.  You didn’t come to my office to see almost as well as possible, you came because you want clear vision. Often times paying more upfront will include extra services or a built-in warranty.

3. No matter what you think or are told, your case is not unique. I hear the same stories all day, every day. Everyone says they had perfect vision until they turned 40. Everyone says they’re “blind as a bat.” It’s rare that a patient walks in and says something we haven’t heard.  But these experiences allow us to help you quickly and effectively, as long as we listen.

4. Not everyone needs a yearly exam.  Young healthy people with stable vision may not need a yearly exam.  But I would absolutely recommend a yearly exam for anyone over 40 years old or anyone with a family history of any eye disease.  However, if you’re between 20 and 40 years old, you’ve never needed glasses and you’ve had your eyes dilated, you probably can come every other year to make sure your eyes remain healthy.

5. Your eye doctor works for you. Make sure you feel like you got your money’s worth.  If your vision isn’t 100% crisp or if you have any questions, don’t be bashful.  Call your eye doctor and schedule a followup appointment.  If it’s within a reasonable amount of time from your exam, there should be no charge for this.  You are entitled to feel confident in the care you receive and the outcome of the exam.  We will never be right 100%  of the time, so we’re not upset to have to see you again.

This information is brought to you by Clarin Eye Care.  Please call or contact our office for more information.