1. Arrive on time – We schedule patients every 30 minutes and we usually are ready to see patients at their scheduled time. I always hear people talking about doctors running late, but we value your time as much as our own.  If it’s your first time to our office, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out some basic information, or download the forms from our website.

2. Come prepared – Bring in your old glasses and know what type and strength contact lenses you wear. Know something about your eye history, try to think about what vision or eye problems you’re having. Write a list if you have to. I’m here to solve your problems, so please let me know what they are.

3. Don’t think I’m trying to trick you and don’t try to trick me – When I ask which lens is better, I really want to know. You can’t fail the eye exam, but I can – by not giving you the right lenses.  Finding your prescription takes both of us working together.  My expertise isn’t enough, I rely on your answers as well.

4. Understand that we have to dilate your eyes – it’s a law that I am required to dilate every new patient, and then as I feel necessary after that. This ivaries from case to case but I never do it “just for fun.” There is a very good reason to dilate your eyes, to see the inside of your eyeball and make sure there is no hidden disease that might otherwise go unnoticed. Most eye diseases are asymptomatic and painless, so unless I look back there, patients aren’t going to alert me to their presence.

5. Don’t be bashful – If after the exam something with your eyes or vision isn’t working, please let us know.  We’re here for you – to make sure you can see as clearly and comfortablly as possible.  We look forward to your feedback about your experience in our office as well, we’re always looking to improve.

For more information, please call or contact Clarin Eye Care.