A usual back-to-school checklist for parents includes things like new sneakers, a new backpack and a trip to Office Depot for school supplies. But don’t leave off having your child’s eyes examined as well – even if you don’t hear them complaining about their vision.

Eighty percent of everything a child learns comes through their eyes, so starting them off on the right foot with a comprehensive eye exam can make the difference for a successful start to the school year.

Child with glassesUnfortunately, even the most attentive parents can miss vision problems in their kids – especially during a summer filled with camp, TV and video games. Children don’t always complain that their vision may have deteriorated simply because they may not even realize it. Vision changes happen slowly, and I always compare it to realizing you’re growing. You don’t feel it until eventually something doesn’t fit.

Now, many parents bring their kids to the pediatrician before the school year and have a vision screening there. And some parents know there is usually a vision screening at school. I’m here to tell you that the National Institute of Health have determined that distance-vision screenings miss 50% of all problems.

It is essential that your child have a comprehensive eye exam.

I recommend an exam before Kindergarten, and then again before third grade. From there we can start to get a feel for how a child’s vision is developing and what they might need as they transition into a full-fledged learning machine.
If you have any questions about your child’s eyes or vision, please don’t hesitate to call or email our office. We are a family optometry practice looking to build long-lasting relationships in our community. That’s why it is so important the next generation of community leaders can see clearly.