Wearing contact lenses can be a great alternative to eyeglasses. But like any product you may rely on everyday, keeping up with the daily doldrums can be difficult. However, there is a new contact lens-related app in the app store that makes the contact lens experience a little easier.

LensFactsLensFacts by Optifree offers many new tools and a depth of information relating to lens wear.

The first tool the app gives you is the “How’s it going?” page. Here you can log your daily eye comfort to track when your contact lenses become uncomfortable. It keeps data for the last 30 days in a personal Eye Log which can be extremely useful for patients who over wear lenses – or aren’t sure when the lenses should be thrown out. Contact lens over wear is a serious problem and I support any tool that might lead to increased compliance.

Speaking of contact lens compliance, the rate at which patients follow their doctor’s recommended throw away schedule is dismal. The LensFacts app keeps track of when you last put your lens in and when it should be tossed. It will even alert you or add a calendar event to remind you that you’ve reached you lens wear limit.

The contact lens app also gives you very good and concise info on contacts in general – including tips on inserting & removing, why generic solutions are a poor choice and other general interest articles. There is an “Ask The Expert” section, videos and ways to learn more about your contact lenses.

Lastly, the app allows you to save your doctor’s contact information, so if any questions or concerns arise you can contact your eye doctor immediately. Its important for any contact lens wearer to have a good relationship with their doctor in order to maintain healthy eyes.

I believe this new app is a handy tool for contact lens wearers to make sure their eyes are healthy today and remain healthy in the future.