A Hilarious Comedy Routine About The Eye Doctor

Brian Regan is a great standup comedian.  Here is a bit about his trip to the Optometrist... Enjoy from Clarin Eye Care

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Fewer Patients are Knowledgeable of their Vision Plan Compared to their Medical Plan

From Review of Optometric Business: Some 65 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves "highly and somewhat knowledgeable" about their vision plan, according to Jobson Optical Research's 2010 Consumer Perceptions of Managed Vision Care, which included 5,152 respondents. By contrast, 81 percent say they are highly and somewhat knowledgeable about their medical plan. I've already blogged [...]

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May Is Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute (NIE) has declared May "Healthy Vision Month" in order to educate our country on the importance of making vision a priority for  your overall health.  It is vital for our nation to understand that prevention, protection and early diagnosis of eye diseases can improve and preserve our health and wellness. One of [...]

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Increases in Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

After reviewing the recently released data on contact lens use, it's no surprise that the use of daily disposable contact lenses is increasing. Daily lenses are the safest, healthiest and most comfortable way to wear lenses. So why isn't everyone wearing dailies?  In the past, the price difference has been a tough pill to swallow, [...]

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Contact Lenses Are Increasing For Patients Over 40

The results of the 2010 Annual Contact Lens Survey from Advance Insights, an inVentiv Health company are in, and there are some very interesting statistics to report. Overall, the entire contact lens industry is down 4.2% after holding steady one year ago.  That sounds about right from what we continuously see in our practice, with [...]

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A New Implantable Microchip May Create a 'Bionic Eye'

Bionic Vision Australia (BVA), an Australian research group, is getting close to implanting a microchip into a human retina and creating the first bionic eye. Associate Professor Gregg Suaning, of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering and a project leader said the new, 98-channel microchip, now undergoing preliminary lab testing, was a major step towards [...]

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The Vision 'Insurance' Game

Vision insurance is a precarious entity.  On one hand, I see how a family can save money on the eye care they need, but too often lately I'm watching people overpay for basic vision plans. I can make a blanket generalization: if you purchase new glasses every year or if you wear contact lenses, vision [...]

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Behind Blue Eyes – The Truth About Color Contact Lenses

Did you know that most cosmetic color contact lenses are dispensed without a prescription? Would it also surprise you to learn that wearing cosmetic lenses increases your chances for sight-threatening infections and complications? Anytime someone wears contacts there is a risk for complications.  But as eye doctors, we know how to properly prescribe and monitor [...]

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Patients Say The Funniest Things

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg-- you wouldn't believe the things that come out of my patients' mouths during an exam. Most of my patients are perfectly happy and normal, but every now and then my day gets a little interesting with the infusion of one of these stories. Never a dull moment!

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Prevent Blindness America Boosts Eye Health Via Workplace

Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has designated March as Workplace Vision Month by in an effort to educate corporations and their employees on the importance of vision health. Tell employers in your community that they can participate in the non-profit organization’s Healthy Eyes Vision Wellness Program at no charge. The program includes printed posters to hang [...]

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