Ease Eye Strain in Today’s Digital World

According to recent survey, four out of five Americans spend significant amount of time in front of their computer or on a handheld device. Between work and home many people spend more than 10 hours everyday on a computer!  Newer devices are getting even smaller and more portable, which makes them easier to carry but [...]

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Revolutionary Routine Eye Exams

by Dr. Adam Clarin I was proud to join my father, Dr. Bruce Clarin, in the practice of optometry six years ago. Upon graduating, I felt my book knowledge was second to none, and I was proud to join an optometrist who also kept up with the latest in eye care education and current research. [...]

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Pixels Are In The Eye Of The Beholder

Searching for another Ultra HiDef television or a high-end cell phone? It looks like tech fans interested in a sharper view are sometimes paying for a larger number of pixels than their eyes can really see. With regards to televisions touting new 4k innovation, "a regular human isn't going to see a difference," said Raymond [...]

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Video Games May Be Helpful in Treating ‘Lazy Eye’

Imagine if someone told you that researchers just found out a major cause of vision loss is treatable, and that the promising new treatment is -- playing video games? It may sound far-fetched, but those are the conclusions of a special article, "Removing the Brakes on Plasticity in the Amblyopic Brain," in the June issue [...]

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Contact Lens Apps Can Increase Eye Health

Wearing contact lenses can be a great alternative to eyeglasses. But like any product you may rely on everyday, keeping up with the daily doldrums can be difficult. However, there is a new contact lens-related app in the app store that makes the contact lens experience a little easier. LensFacts by Optifree offers many new [...]

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New Laser Surgery Promises To Make Brown Eyes Blue

When Crystal Gayle sang, “Don't it Make Your Brown Eyes Blue,” she was lamenting a relationship gone south. Now, almost 35 years later, the song title can be used to describe a new form of laser surgery that permanently transforms one's brown or hazel eyes blue. “I'm incredibly excited about it,” Gregg Homer, Ph.D., chairman [...]

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NASA Reports That Space Flight May Damage Astronauts’ Eyes

NASA has already reported on astronauts experiencing bone and muscle loss due to the weightlessness of space.  Now the first study of returning space travelers' eyes may suggest that extended amounts of time in orbit can take a serious toll on vision, the long-term effects of which aren't yet clear. Of the more than 300 [...]

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The Classroom of Tomorrow May Be Affecting The Eyes Of Today

Schools all around South Florida are upgrading their technology and moving classrooms into the 21st century. But with the installation of new state-of-the-art equipment to enhance learning, we may be putting increased strain on our children's eyes. According to a new survey by the American Optometric Association, parents have concerns about the effects of evolving [...]

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The iPhone iDoctor

Smartphones, and the iPhone in particular, are changing the way we do everything. From helping to diagnose breast cancer to communicating with those unable to speak, this technology has led to breakthroughs in many areas.  Now the iPhone is being developed to provide basic eye care to third-world and indigent populations. The first development from [...]

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The All-Capturing Artificial Eye

In 2005, Tanya Vlach tragically lost one of her eyes in a car accident, now she wants to replace her prosthetic eye with a digital video camera.  And if Tanya achieves her 'vision,' her new eye will be full of awesome little gizmos and gadgets. Vlach turned to Kickstarter for funding to install a unique, [...]

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