Children May Avoid Eyeglasses By Playing Outdoors

Two new studies add to the growing evidence that spending time outdoors may help minimize nearsightedness in children, and therefore decrease their need for eyeglasses. A study conducted in Taiwan, which is the first to use an educational policy as a public vision health intervention, finds that when children are required to spend recess time [...]

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Ugly Glasses Contest!

Our office is holding its First Annual Ugly Glasses Contest! We want you to upload a picture of you in your ugliest pair of glasses for a chance to win $400 towards a new pair. The picture with the most likes on our Facebook page wins. It's that simple. Second prize is $50 to spend [...]

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Generations Don’t See ‘Eye to Eye’ On Vision Care

According to the latest American Optometric Association (AOA) annual American Eye-Q® survey, when it comes to eye and vision care there are differing levels of knowledge and varying views amongst different generations.  The survey found that the traditionalist (or silent) generation (1925-1945), baby boomers (1946-1964) and generations X (1965-1977) and Y (1978-1994) all vary in [...]

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Don’t Fail Your Child Before School Starts

A usual back-to-school checklist for parents includes things like new sneakers, a new backpack and a trip to Office Depot for school supplies. But don't leave off having your child's eyes examined as well - even if you don't hear them complaining about their vision. Eighty percent of everything a child learns comes through their [...]

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New kids' 3D glasses from Dolby

by Chris Newbould Dolby Laboratories has announced its next-generation Dolby 3D kids’ glasses. Designed with Dolby’s 3D technical know-how, the expertise of a leading eyewear design company, and 3M’s new multilayer optical film lenses, the glasses provide the same lightweight, reusable design as the adult model, but are optimized to fit the smaller head sizes of [...]

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Sunglasses Are The Smart Choice For Summer

It's common knowledge to lather on sunscreen before going outside to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, but an unfortunately lesser known fact is that UV damage can also occur to your eyes.  Sunglasses are the best means to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light, and they can leave you looking 'cool' at the [...]

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With the iCanSee iPhone App, Who Needs Reading Glasses?

Have you ever forgotten your reading glasses when trying to read a menu? You’re most likely to forget your glasses... but never your iPhone. Welcome to the world of iCanSee. iCanSee, the first iPhone application in the iTunes App Store that brings a much-needed tool to the device, the magnifying glass. By magnifying the images [...]

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