Contact Lenses Can Be A Safe Option When Used Properly

In the United States, 40 million people use contact lenses to improve their vision. While most of these contact lens wearers adhere to the guidelines set out by their doctors,  many do not. According to the American Optometric Association's annual American Eye-Q® survey, many people are putting their health and vision at risk by not following [...]

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Contact Lens Apps Can Increase Eye Health

Wearing contact lenses can be a great alternative to eyeglasses. But like any product you may rely on everyday, keeping up with the daily doldrums can be difficult. However, there is a new contact lens-related app in the app store that makes the contact lens experience a little easier. LensFacts by Optifree offers many new [...]

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Contact Lenses Can Be a Risky Choice

A large part of our eye care practice centers around contact lenses. Quite often, patients will ask me about contacts that they don't have to take out at night. My recommendation is that removing contact lenses nightly will always be the safest and healthiest way to wear lenses. In fact, since the FDA approved contact [...]

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Forget the Contact Lens Solution, Here’s Beer in Your Eye

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Baby oil, beer, Coke, petroleum jelly, lemonade, fruit juice and butter are among the substances some contact lens wearers occasionally use instead of contact lens solution, a new Bausch + Lomb study revealed. The study, which polled 2,000 adults in the U.K. in August 2011, found that 20 percent reported using these and other unconventional [...]

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Minor League Baseball Player 'Sees' Contact Lenses Helping Him To The Majors

Bryce Harper was picked first overall by the Washington Nationals in last year's Major League Baseball draft.  And for the first half of his first season, he was a pretty mediocre ball player. But that changed last month when Harper was fitted with contact lenses by the team's optometrist.  All of the sudden, Bryce Harper's [...]

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