Did you know that most cosmetic color contact lenses are dispensed without a prescription?

Would it also surprise you to learn that wearing cosmetic lenses increases your chances for sight-threatening infections and complications?

Anytime someone wears contacts there is a risk for complications.  But as eye doctors, we know how to properly prescribe and monitor lens wear to minimize those risks.

I always have a frank and serious conversation about the risks associated with contact lens wear, and I also educate patients on proper wear and care of their lenses.  I assess the contact lens fit and  follow up about one week later to make sure the lens is still healthy on the eye.

I don’t think any of this happens when contacts are sold one pair at a time from the flea market or beauty supply store.

Be smart if you want to wear cosmetic contacts, for either special occasions or everyday, and see an eye care professional.  Sure this costs more up front for a thorough eye health evaluation, but you can’t put a price on your vision.