Let me review a common scenario in our office:

A patient in their mid 40’s comes in, wearing over-the-counter reading glasses for a few years and tells me it’s finally time to get their eyes checked by a professional.  Many times I find they have a small prescription for far away and they are greatly underestimating which over-the-counter glasses are nearest to their actual prescription.

Depending on the patient and his or her visual demands, I often recommend a progressive lens – a lens that’s as close as you can get to natural vision, allowing you to see far, near and in between, without taking your glasses on and off.

You begin to need progressive lenses when there is a different lens power to see far away and up close.  This  condition, called presbyopia, often happens after your 40th birthday when a normal, age-related process occurs that decreases the amount your eye can focus at near.

A progressive lens is set with your far away vision at the top, so if you look out straight ahead you see far away.  As you look lower in the lens, the power gradually increases until you get to the ultimate prescription towards the bottom of the lens.  This allows you to keep the glasses on your face and be able to see clearly at any and all distances, from the road signs at night to your computer, all the way to the tiny print on the back of a pill bottle.

At our practice, we always recommend high quality Varilux lenses – the industry standard in progressive lenses.  All progressive lenses cause some peripheral distortion, both limiting the width of clear vision and causing a “swimming” effect when moving your head.

Both of these limitations are easily adaptable, assuming you have patience.  It also helps if you start with a lens that provides the largest viewing area and least peripheral distortions.  That’s exactly what a Varilux lens offers, and exactly what our practice wants to give our patients.

At Clarin Eye Care, we want our patients to be happy and satisfied with their eyewear.  We want to go above and beyond to make sure you can see clearly and comfortably.  When it comes to progressives, there is a lot to know so it’s important to trust your vision to a qualified professional.

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