Everyday I search the web for the latest news and notes on eye care, vision, glasses and contact lenses. And everyday I have to sift through countless blogs and articles that claim they have the cure to help you see “the natural way – without glasses or contact lenses.”

And like most things that sound too good to be true, the pipe dream of “curing” vision is just that.

Now, you may be thinking about LASIK vision correction, and you’d be right. And while LASIK surgery is a very effective means to get a person out of glasses or contacts, it is also a known and common procedure taught in medical schools. When undergoing LASIK, we tell you that your eye will have a non-invasive surgical procedure to flatten or steepen the front part of your eye.

What I read on the web sounds more like hoping and eye exercises to get that perfect vision.

Out of curiosity, I actually clicked the latest headline “No More Reading Glasses,” just to see what the average person might find. I was shocked to find a pseudo-article masked as an advertorial claiming that a large study was done and scientists have finally found the answer to cure poor vision.

Being inquisitive, I clicked on the “study” with the actual “data.”  It read more like comedy than science, and I want to share a my favorite line from the article:

In terms of the regression of near vision over time, Dr. ***** said that most patients achieved [perfect near vision] in the immediate postoperative period, followed by a quick decline between one week and one month.

So basically they can perform a procedure on your eye to correct your vision for one to four weeks.

I always implore my  patients to take their eye-health and medical advice from experts trained in the proper fields and not from the internet.  If a new procure comes around to correct vision, your eye doctor will have heard about it, learned about it and, if the procedure is right for you, recommended it.

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