A Miracle Cure For Your Vision

Everyday I search the web for the latest news and notes on eye care, vision, glasses and contact lenses. And everyday I have to sift through countless blogs and articles that claim they have the cure to help you see "the natural way - without glasses or contact lenses." And like most things that sound [...]

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Generations Don’t See ‘Eye to Eye’ On Vision Care

According to the latest American Optometric Association (AOA) annual American Eye-Q® survey, when it comes to eye and vision care there are differing levels of knowledge and varying views amongst different generations.  The survey found that the traditionalist (or silent) generation (1925-1945), baby boomers (1946-1964) and generations X (1965-1977) and Y (1978-1994) all vary in [...]

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NASA Reports That Space Flight May Damage Astronauts’ Eyes

NASA has already reported on astronauts experiencing bone and muscle loss due to the weightlessness of space.  Now the first study of returning space travelers' eyes may suggest that extended amounts of time in orbit can take a serious toll on vision, the long-term effects of which aren't yet clear. Of the more than 300 [...]

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