Sunglasses Are The Smart Choice For Summer

It's common knowledge to lather on sunscreen before going outside to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, but an unfortunately lesser known fact is that UV damage can also occur to your eyes.  Sunglasses are the best means to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light, and they can leave you looking 'cool' at the [...]

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New Research on Vitamins May Reduce Macular Degeneration

As the population ages, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is becoming more prevalent. Two recent studies about different vitamins may hold the answer to managing and slowing down the deleterious effects of this serious disease. The first study shows that people with increased levels of vitamin D are less likely to have an early onset of this [...]

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Used Sporting Equipment May Put Some Eyes At Risk

In a recent issue of the journal Optometry, researchers found that game-worn football faceshields are more susceptible to breaking when subjected to high-velocity impact than are new faceshields. For the test, high-velocity objects meant to simulate the force from a kick to the face were hurled at new and used polycarbonate faceshields. None of the [...]

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Optometry Makes Top 10 List for Patient Satisfaction

A new survey of more than 3.1 million patients revealed that optometric practices rank fifth for patient satisfaction in 2010. The rankings were based on the evaluation of 99 different medical practice specialties and optometry scored 91.81 out of a 100-point scale. “It's clear that medical practices are working hard to improve the patient experience,” [...]

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How Social Media is Changing Health Care

Online chatrooms and forums have always been a place where people are more open and speak more freely, often sharing intimate information that they’d have a hard time telling a close friend.  Now drug companies and doctors are using social media, blogs and online forums to gather information on patients that they may be reluctant [...]

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Minor League Baseball Player 'Sees' Contact Lenses Helping Him To The Majors

Bryce Harper was picked first overall by the Washington Nationals in last year's Major League Baseball draft.  And for the first half of his first season, he was a pretty mediocre ball player. But that changed last month when Harper was fitted with contact lenses by the team's optometrist.  All of the sudden, Bryce Harper's [...]

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Fewer Patients are Knowledgeable of their Vision Plan Compared to their Medical Plan

From Review of Optometric Business: Some 65 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves "highly and somewhat knowledgeable" about their vision plan, according to Jobson Optical Research's 2010 Consumer Perceptions of Managed Vision Care, which included 5,152 respondents. By contrast, 81 percent say they are highly and somewhat knowledgeable about their medical plan. I've already blogged [...]

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May Is Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute (NIE) has declared May "Healthy Vision Month" in order to educate our country on the importance of making vision a priority for  your overall health.  It is vital for our nation to understand that prevention, protection and early diagnosis of eye diseases can improve and preserve our health and wellness. One of [...]

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