Misinformation About Cataracts May Delay Treatment

HealthDay (12/27, Thompson) reported, "Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness among seniors in the United States, with more than half of all US residents developing the cloudy vision of cataracts by the time they reach 80 years old, according to Prevent Blindness America, a nonprofit group that focuses on eye health." According to eye [...]

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Eyes Are A Crucial Feature To Help People Distinguish Real Faces From Those That Are Not

HealthDay (12/26, Dotinga) reported that, according to a study published in the December issue of the journal Psychological Science, "the eyes...are crucial to helping people distinguish real faces from those that are not." In particular, "the study authors found that it appears that people search faces for signs of life and the most important facial [...]

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UK Eye Expert Calls For More Patients To Be Made Eligible For Keratoprosthesis

The UK's Daily Mail (12/23) reported that, according to UK eye expert Sheraz Daya, "more patients who have been left blind after damage to their corneas could be helped with artificial eye implants." Daya "has called for patients whose sight has not improved through either transplants or stem cell treatment to be made eligible for [...]

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Sports, Eyes and Lasers

In a recent AFF Suzuki Cup soccer match, play had to be stopped after fans from Malaysia attempted to distract the opposing goalkeeper with laser pointers. The coach from Indonesia feared that the laser beam could permanently damage his goalie's eyes. However, such a weak bean shone from a long distance won't affect vision or [...]

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Schedule an Eye Exam

CHICAGO (Dec. 21, 2010) – As 2011 nears, many will be making New Year’s resolutions to improve their health. However, many may not be aware that an eye exam cannot only help to protect vision, it can uncover evidence of other diseases including diabetes or hypertension. And, for eye diseases such as glaucoma, the damaging [...]

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The Scariest Word in Eye Care

Astigmatism – a long, hard to pronounce word that strikes fear to the faces of patients every day.  Follow up questions include, “Am I going to go blind?” Rest assured, astigmatism is not a disease or pathology, it is simply a condition that causes blurry vision quite similar to nearsightedness or farsightedness.  In fact, astigmatism [...]

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Just In Time For the Holidays!

On this day in December, it's apropro that a patient presented with what can only be called a grinch - stealing vision from patients both good and bad. I'm referring to a "christmas tree cataract." A christmas tree cataract gets its name from the red and green irridescent refractile crystals that form inside of the [...]

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Using Heat to Cool Down Your Burning Eyes ?!?

Dry and burning eyes, especially as the day goes on, is one of the toughest eye conditions to manage.  Often patients have a problem with their meibomian glands - special glands along your lid margins that produce a lubricating oil which helps prevent evaporation of tears right off of your cornea. The oils in the [...]

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Healthy Habits Can Cut Your Risk of Eye Disease

A new study has suggested that women who exercise, eat right, and don't smoke can possibly cut their risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by more than two-thirds. The authors wrote: Adopting these healthy habits may markedly lower the prevalence of early AMD, the number of people who develop advanced AMD in their lifetime, [...]

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Can Acupuncture Correct a Common Childhood Vision Problem?

I must admit, I am not well versed in acupuncture, although it is an intriguing treatment option.  But this morning, I was staring at the computer in bewilderment after reading an article about using acupuncture to treat a common childhood vision problem. The condition is called amblyopia. Abmlyopia occurs when one or both eyes doesn't [...]

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