I have a question for all of the contact lens wearers out there.  When is  your lens the most comfortable?

The answer is invariably the first day you open a brand new package and put in a fresh lens.  Now imagine that everyday you can enjoy the feeling of having a new lens in your eye.

And in addition, a new contact lens is free from any bacteria or buildup – so you can be reap the health benefits as well.

Daily contact lenses are designed to be worn one time and then tossed out, opening a new one the next time you want to wear a lens and giving you the most comfortable, safest and healthiest way to wear contact lenses.

A recent study has compared the surface of patients eyes wearing 1•DAY ACUVUE TruEye Brand Contact Lenses to patients who don’t wear contacts at all.

The contact lens wearers were found to have no clinically significant health effects on the surface of their eye, in either blood vessel growth on the cornea or generalized eye-redness.

The study revealed the lenses provided high levels of comfort from morning to night, allowing more people than ever to wear lenses comfortably.

1-Day lenses are also a great choice for part-time contact lens wearers.  Nothing scares me more than hearing someone leave an extended wear lens in the case with who-knows-what bacteria for weeks on end.  I always feel better knowing that a lens can be discarded after one wearing and then three days or three weeks later a patient can open a brand new lens.

The benefits of 1-day contacts lenses are numerous, and there is no question why these lenses have grown in market share while the rest of the contact lens industry has been shrinking.

See your eye doctor to try this growing category of contact lenses – you will increase your health, safety and comfort all while enjoying being glasses-free.